Universal Buddy 2.0 | Sunset


We took the internet’s hottest can cooler and made it better!! For all of your favorite 375 mL CANS, 355 mL SLIM CANS, 355mL BOTTLES, AND 473mL CANS & BOTTLES! Even add a lid and turn it into a tumbler! You truly never have to switch can coolers. Bring your Universal Buddy anywhere and you’ll have every drink covered and cold til the last drop! Whether you’re camping, grilling out, on the beach, or relaxing for the night, it’s better with a buddy!

What Does It Fit?


- 375ml Cans

- 330 & 355ml slim cans

- 355 ml glass bottles

- 473 ml cans/bottles


Frost Buddy Features

- double-wall vacuum insulated stainless steel

- 9-in-1 design keeps any can or bottle cold for 12+ hours

- can cooler, tumbler, or coffee cup with leak-proof lid & straw (sold separate)

- silicone lid locks all cans & bottles in place

- non-slip silicone bottom so no party fouls

- Powder-coats are dishwasher safe: graphics & glitter: hand-wash only; silicone ring, straw & lid: yes

Shipping & Delivery

Free Shipping On AU Orders $100+. 

We make sure orders get orders out our doors within the same day of purchase or next day. Mail carriers can have delays or issues so please contact service.au@frostbuddy.com if you’re experiencing issues.

Warranty & Returns

Products that are flawed or damaged are eligible for free replacement. If you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, our return policy is 30 days. Products have 1 year warranty. More info available in FAQ page.


What does it fit?

- Fits 375ml cans, 330/355ml slim cans, 355ml bottles, and 473ml cans/bottles

Does it fit in cup holders? 

- The Universal is 100% cup holder friendly. Take it on the go for every adventure.

Does it keep cold/hot?

- Keeps drinks cold 8-12 hours & hot for 6 hours

Is It Durable?

- We spent an hour throwing the Universal down a rock cliff. Not a single dent, just a couple scuffs. Tough as nails

What’s it made of?

- Double walled vacuum sealed stainless steel 

Is this a scam?

- Absolutely not :) You can see our 6000+ 5 star reviews. You can see us on Tik Tok as well or just ask around! 

Does coffee lid come with it?

- Accessories such as the coffee lid, bumper, and extra lid are sold separate

Is Frost Buddy based in US? 

- Frost Buddy is founded by two brothers from the small town of Newton, IL in the United States, but we want to create a global brand.

Does it float?

- Will not float if can cooler is empty. If a full beverage is in it, it will. 

Are there other products like this? 

- Our patent pending design makes our product hold the most sizes of any can cooler on the market.